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Asking for help is often something human beings don’t want to do, especially in the academic realm! But there are also those who are quite comfortable leaning on friends and family. Researchers have long contended that asking for help makes us more confident, strong, and likable, and such largely explains why effective leaders ask for advice or help from their subordinates. When you’re willing to ask for help, you display that you’re human and humble.

Nevertheless, there are still many out there who struggle with requesting assistance. Below we talk about why people fear asking for help and what they can do to overcome such fears:

1. Coming Across as Weak or Incompetent

A lot of students willingly sit on assignments and homework for weeks because they don’t want to ask for help. These students often end up scrambling at the last minute to put together shoddy assignments they’re not proud of. A lot of research on the subject has found that men are more reluctant to ask for help than women, and some researchers contend that this is because men are generally expected to be proud and self-reliant. But seeking help is not a bad thing; in fact, it helps build human relationships. When you acknowledge that you don’t know something and ask someone for help, it’s a win-win; the other person feels smart for being asked and you benefit from learning their knowledge. Some people even ask for help when they’re trying to make a good impression—these people aim to flatter by showing an admiration for expertise.

2. Being Let down in the Past

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It’s no secret that it’s often hard to trust people, and what’s even worse is when you trust someone and they abuse your good nature. It’s often very difficult to regain the ability to trust after it’s been shattered by someone, but as humans be must never forget that being able to trust is one of the keys to a good life.

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3. Some People Are Shy

Introverts do not like opening up to people, and reaching out to ask for help is often challenging for them. Introverts also fear losing control of a task because they could end up getting more than they needed or asked for! And then there’s the fear of reciprocity too! If you’re someone who has a hard time giving up control, you should work to correct this. Yes, giving up control may make you vulnerable, but you’ll be happy in the long run if you learn how to give up control when it’s totally necessary.