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Online learning has become a popular option in the world of education. E-learning’s reach is vast, and many expect its relevance to increase as time goes on. But when most people say “online courses,” they’re usually talking about professional-development courses or university-level seminars. Whereas traditional college courses like math and history were taught on e-learning platforms years ago, today there are many more subjects being taught online. If you wish to stay a step ahead of the masses, you should take advantage of the list below, for it includes five of the best uncommon courses that one can engage with virtually.


The term “making” might seem a bit weird when you hear it for the first time, but making courses are designed to help individuals build a career out of their hobbies. The students who earn a certificate from such classes are called “makers.” Some of the skills taught in making subjects are wood-working, welding, sewing, sculpting, and building. Making e-learning classes usually employ tutorials, videos, and how-to guides to disseminate useful information.


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Online learning is also beneficial when you decide you want to learn how to play a musical instrument. Virtual forums are packed with information related to selecting, playing, and taking care of instruments. Talented music teachers even offer virtual sessions online. Additionally, you can seek the assistance of bands and peers while you’re gathering information related to the history of music.

Soft Skills

Most of us are experts in some area of technical knowledge, but we tend to falter when it comes to soft skills. Skills like speaking, leadership, and influencing are considered soft skills. With the help of the internet, you can refine your soft skills along with your technical skill set. Some of the tools used in online soft skills classes are peer-to-peer discussions and seminars.


If you already have a knack for art, why not develop your interest and skill into a full-fledged profession? E-learning in the field of art and design is great! You can access in numerable artists and their works, and with e-learning you can easily post your own works while building a solid portfolio.


Currently, many doctors and related medical professionals are using online classes to hone their skills. Students can learn about treatments and surgery methods via live-streaming videos and online seminars. Wearable gadgets like Google Glass enable doctors to webcast operations from remote locations as well.

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