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University life presents many challenges that lead to some students dropping out of college. Reports estimate that only 55 percent of students graduate in six years. But graduation rates can be improved by addressing the pitfalls and providing a solid action plan for students to progress and ultimately graduate.

Common Reasons American Students Dropout of College:

● Expensive Tuition Fee

According to a study by the College Board, the average tuition fees for the 2017-2018 year was $9,970 for public colleges, $34,740 at private colleges and $25, 260 for public universities. With rising tuition fees, students struggle to find the money to pay for college. When it becomes unmanageable, it has a direct impact on the dropout rate. Taking a loan to finance college isn’t an ideal situation, as it may present a great burden to students. According to LendEDU, an average college dropout leaves campus with $14,000 in debt. Also, over 50% of the students aren’t making any payments towards their loans. In such cases, they can enroll in an online course and work part-time while looking for scholarships and grants to reduce some of their financial issues.

● Discouraging Environment

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Lack of student engagement, a learning environment, fear of isolation, lack of peer collaboration, and absence of social cues are some motivational barriers to students. Students facing a difficult time making friends can make use of meet-up platforms, Facebook groups, or volunteer for activities. They can also join an academic club or sports team, publish a student newspaper, and show interests in music, drama, and visual arts to bring out their wide range of talents and strong character traits.

● Academically Unprepared

Half of the nation’s students feel that they are academically unfit for college. Some students may not like the traditional college atmosphere. Struggling to keep up with college demands can be overwhelming. A dip in the student’s performance can pull them out of their academic goals. In such cases, they can contact career center tutors or guidance counselors for student support. They can even go the extra mile and start a study group to improve their academic performance.

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