Tips To Read And Grasp The Course Material Faster

Online classes are all about reading and writing. Without an external help, you have to read and comprehend the course materials. Some may find difficult to grasp the meaning if they come across an unknown word or phrase. Here are a few tips to read and retain the information faster

Eliminate distractions

While you are reading, cut out all distractions and stay focused. Switch off the mobile phone, turn off the tv, log out from social media, and keep the door shut. A quiet and distraction-free background helps to stay focused on reading.

Stay organized

Keep your study place neat and clean. A messy study room takes all your concentration away. Before you start the reading- organize your computer files, gather your supplies, notes, and textbooks.

To make the reading enjoyable and enthusiastic

- Find a desk and table comfortable to you.

- Deodorize your curtains, carpets, and furniture

- Eliminate odors

- Open the windows

- Use air purifiers if like

- Burn a scented candle or use room sprays

Skim before you read in-depth

Reading 20 to 30 pages can be sleep-inducing. Before reading, check for CliffsNotes online. If available, go through it and understand what the topic is about. Go back the course material and then read closely. Otherwise, read superficially and underline the important points with different colors before you read deeply.

Visualize what you're reading

If you find the readings insipid, think yourself as a movie director and picture the readings in the mind's eye. This makes reading fun and emphasizes to read further. It helps you remember better and to grasp the material.

Read aloud

Lock yourself in a room and read out loud. This enhances the interest in reading. It also improves the memory retention.

Do research

If you find an unfamiliar word or concept, look-up online for its meaning and explanation. You can watch videos on YouTube for better understanding. Or use context clues to grasp the meanings by yourself. It will make the reading much easier.

Take breaks

Don't read for more than 1 hour. Take frequent breaks in between. Give your mind some rest and focus on other things for a while. Go for a small walk, play with pets, and have energy drinks or snacks. When you are ready, come back with a fresh mind to get into the readings.

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