A Plagiarism Free Essay

Plagiarism is a huge problem for academicians. Every year, despite severe warning, hundreds of students are picked out for submitted plagiarized content. Here is how paraphrasing and quoting can help you write original content.


Paraphrasing is not just changing a few words from the original source. You cannot just replace the word “gathering” to “party.” A perfect paraphrase should express the ideas of the original source in your own words with proper sentence structure. When rewriting, see to it that the meaning of the original content does not change. Read the source to get in-depth knowledge about the article and then write your article without referring to the original passage.


The exact reproduction of the original content without missing a word is called quoting. When you feel that an original thought has been communicated effectively and that there’s nothing more to add, go for quotes. This writing method is used when you cannot replace the words with your own thoughts. Make sure to indicate the correct source along with quotation marks.

Quoting or Paraphrasing?

The choice of quoting and paraphrasing depends upon the text you write. You should consider quoting when the passage needs primary evidence, i.e. words that cannot be reworded, definition of unfamiliar words, etc. Paraphrasing is done when you want to explain the original content in a much better way. It is used when you want to - analyze the subject with relevant and numerical data, maintain the flow of writing and build credibility of the author.

Tips To Paraphrase:

A legitimate way of borrowing content from the original source is to stick to your own writing style. To avoid plagiarism, consider the following tips before paraphrasing an article. • Read the original passage to understand the meaning. • Understand the important points. • Start paraphrasing without referring to the original content. • Check the meaning with the original paragraph.

Tips To Quote:

To escape from plagiarism, follow the below tips to quote a direct statement. • American English follows double quotation mark for the main quote. • Single quotation mark is used for quotes within a quote. • Space is not used to separate between the single and double quotation marks. • Add the name of the direct speaker either in the beginning or at the end of the quote. If all of this is too much to understand, hire a tutor for online class help! But before you hire, please read online class reviews. We can protect you from scammers!