Improving Your Vocabulary

Did you know, English is the wealthiest of all languages thanks to its expansive vocabulary? A common complaint among teachers is that students have a very limited vocabulary and often repeat words when writing essays. Being articulate helps people express their ideas and opinions clearly and without ambiguity. Here are a few tips to help you:

Read A Lot:

The only way to learn new words is to read as much as you can; not just literary works but magazines, newspapers and blogs as well. Whenever you come across a new word, make an effort to know how it is pronounced. Online dictionaries often play an audio file where the word is pronounced by native speakers.

Converse With New Words:

When you learn a new word, try using it when talking to people. But do not use a bunch of complex words just to sound posh – you’ll come across as pretentious and pedantic. People usually value the ability to communicate in simpler terms rather than complicating it.

Challenge Yourself:

Give yourself an opportunity to use new words. You can join an online community, or sign up on debate forums to express your ideas. As you discover new words, you can challenge yourself to write them in the right context.

Learn A New Word Each Day:

Educational websites like and apps like Word of the day and Vocabulary builder can help you communicate effectively. When you learn a new word, look for other forms of the word like noun, verb, and adjective. It’s also a good idea to learn one antonym or synonym for that word. Learning new words and using them appropriately can help you improve your essays and other writing assignments. If English isn’t your native language, we suggest that you hire an online class help tutor to manage your assignments. But never hire them without reading our online class reviews.