Tips To Become An Independent Learner

Online education lacks in-person collaboration and hence, not suitable for students who lack self-motivation. You are really on your own – there’s nobody to remind you about deadlines or exam dates.

Why is independent learning important?

Self-directed/independent learning is important because it develops creativity and intellectual curiosity. Independent learners gain skills like

1. Motivation

2. Initiative

3. Multi-tasking

4. Time management

5. Strong reading and writing skills

These are the essential skills in the workplace as well.

To become an independent learner,

• Practice skim reading:Before reading in detail, skim the course material and then summarize the text/information in your notes.

• Be an active reader: Read the material regularly. Pay attention to the words and phrases and their meanings.

• Use resources: When doing research, use different sources (YouTube, Twitter, Wiki, Quora, Google, Yahoo, etc.); you will get different ideas. And that’s an easy way to brush up your skill.

• Be persistent: Don’t give up when you face a challenging task. Take time to grasp the concept.

• Seek help, if need: Asking support and advice is a part of independent learning. If you cannot clear any doubt by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact your instructor.

• Give importance to the discussion board: This is where you share ideas and thoughts. The more you discuss, the easier it is for you to remember. Go through the entire discussion before you comment. And remember to be polite and considerate when sharing your opinion.

Qualities Of An Independent Learner:

A good self-directed learner should

• have basic computer skills

• be motivated

• be self-disciplined

• be able to meet deadlines

• be able to communicate in writing

• have frequent access to the internet

• be able to work independently.

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