Academic Studies

There are several factors that affect learning. Here are some of them and ways to overcome problems.


It is clear that background noise can be distracting. Noise from speakers disrupts your concentration and causes stress, and slow down your performance. So it’s important to choose a calm and quiet place to regain your focus. Yoga and meditation are two important ways to deal with this.

2.Room Temperature:

A sudden change in temperature may cause discomfort while studying. Adjust room temperature to avoid losing focus.

3.Wrong Posture:

An incorrect posture while studying can affect your physical health and studies. It can cause stress to the eyes, headache, neck pain, and stress. It’s not good to lie down on your bed or sofa to study. Here are a few correct postures you should follow while studying. •Keep your head straight and sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor •Knees, hips, elbows should bend 90 degrees •Take a deep breath to relax •Study materials should be at eye level •Study in good light

4.Long Study Hours:

Studying for too many hours on revising your portions can also lead to poor results. It is not about how many hours you sit to work; rather it’s all about learning effectively. The way you choose to revise decides your results. You can avoid stress by:

•Understanding the subject rather than memorizing

•Taking notes using a laptop

•Planning your revisions with proper breaks in between

•Teaching others to gain knowledge

•Having regular sleep habits

If you are feeling stressed or fed up with poor grades, you can get help from online class help tutors. Read online class reviews before you choose a genuine academic support service.


Multitasking isn’t always good. When you message your friends and solve assignments at the same time, you may end up losing focus. So it’s important to prioritize your task.. If you are bored, try switching subjects to keep yourself engaged.