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The term e-learning was first introduced by Elliot Masie in 1999 at a TechLearn Conference in Disney World. And just like then, today e-learning refers mainly to technology-focused, remote learning. Professional educators have always considered e-learning to be interesting, but some don’t think it’s all that good while others think it’s the way of the future. To understand e-learning better, read through the sections below. Our experts explain e-learning from inception to present day!

The Evolution of E-Learning:

1. The Introduction of Distance Education:

Once the internet became a widely used technology, universities began to inquire about the benefits of distance education. And as history shows, the first universities to really embrace e-learning were located in the United Kingdom.

2. The Origins of E-Learning:

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As was said before, the term e-learning emerged in 1999, and along with it came terms like virtual learning and online learning. All these terms refer to the same beneficial system of remote, technology-centric learning.

3. Advancing Technologies (2000-2005):

The development of certain technologies in the 1990s took e-learning to another level. Wireless internet, scalable vector graphics, improved learning objects, online educational games, advanced powerPoint capabilities, e-learning repositories, SCORM, LMS, and social media networks all transformed how e-learning would be viewed more than a decade later.

4. The Rapid Development Era (2006-2010):

Podcasting, mobile internet, learning analytics, and augmented reality have all further enhanced online learning, and now individuals throughout the world can sign up for engaging online classes.

In the past couple decades, e-learning has evolved significantly, and now universities and corporations alike make use of e-learning. And one can say with confidence that e-learning wouldn’t be what it is today without technology. Corporations are now using e-learning for training purposes, as many have found this method great for boosting skill sets. Universities, on the other hand, like e-learning because it provides affordable access to education. But if you’re struggling with online learning, hiring an online class taker to complete your coursework is a great idea. You can learn and achieve so much with reliable help!