Thinking Online Education Is Hard Or Easy

Are online classes hard or easy, both or neither? What do online students say?

Harry says,

I am pursuing an online bachelor's degree program in Science for human resources. I would not say online classes are more difficult than traditional classes. Online courses have weekly assignments, and discussions that are due every week. An online course material is not more challenging, but the effort required to understand is sometimes more, because the professor is not with you the whole way.

Madison says,

Online classes are easy if you are dedicated in your coursework. Make sure you complete everything on time or else things can pile up. The main benefit of taking online classes is, you can learn at your own pace. I prefer online classes over traditional classes because I feel I can multitask more.

William says,

For me, online classes are harder than regular classes. Unlike traditional colleges, virtual classes are all about reading and writing. That doesn’t work for me.

Rachel says,

In online classes, you have to be focused. They give you lot of assessments, and you have to be responsible enough to finish all your assignments on time. I have been doing online classes for the past year, and I love it.

Rebecca says,

I love online education. I can access the course materials at my office, coffee shop, and anywhere at any time. I often post on discussion boards during commuting and while chit-chatting with my friends.

Laura says,

I am taking a Psychology class online. I can’t cope with all my homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. I don't have the discipline to do all that stuff. It gives too much work, and you don't get points for attendance. I hate online education.

Lydia says,

Last semester, I took an online class for the first time. I loved my online class. I found it easier and more convenient than on-site classes.

Alwin says,

I love online classes. But the worst part about my online college is that classes are 8 weeks, but the course assessments are 16 weeks worth of work. Homework assignments can be intense. Be diligent and committed, and you’ll succeed in online classes.

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