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Online Class Tutor is a US based website offering help with online class assignments and tests. There’s not much information about the subjects that they offer to help. Neither do they offer information about their tutors. The website offers help with homework, essays, exams, and MyMathLab exercises.

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Even with the millions of students signing up for online programs, not more than a few thousand manage to complete the course. Online learning is flexible and convenient. So why do so many students quit midway? Time is a huge concern for a majority of students. It is not easy to sit up late every night to complete assignments or prepare for tests. If you are an online student tempted to give up on learning, we suggest you try online class help services. Yes, you can hire academicians to manage all online course tasks, including homework assignments, tests, essays, and quiz. But not all online class help services are made alike. Some are scammers, and some, not worthy of your money. Online Class Cheat Reviews offers to help you choose the right service provider- one who promises to walk the talk. Online Class Tutor Reviews: Online Class Tutor reviews aren’t encouraging. A lot of students have complained about their refund policy. While the website claims a no-quibble refund, things seem different when reading the fine print. They impose multiple conditions when refunding, making it almost impossible for clients to get their money back. There are also complaints about Online Class Tutor’s safety assurance with respect to the client’s login credentials and conversations with the Online Class Tutor staff. Some reviewers have complained that the staff at Online Class Tutor have blackmailed them and threatened to reveal their true identity. Complaints about the website’s lack of commitment to quality are fairly common as well. Some users found generic content on their essays- content that’s not cited or references properly. Among all the Online Class Tutor reviews we recieved, complaints about improper and irregular service were the most common. Make sure you read all Online Class Tutor reviews before hiring them….