Anxiety Related To Online Course

Managing online course activities while juggling work and family can be stressful. More often than not, you’re so overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that you just can’t take it any longer. It’s important for online students to evaluate their situation before they end up being burned out and exhausted. Here’s how to deal with stressed and anxiety:

Start Your Day Organized:

People are often overwhelmed because they’re managing too many things at one time and aren’t focusing on any. Before you begin your day, write down things that you intend to complete. For example, if you’re preparing for a test, divide the syllabus into smaller manageable tasks and dedicate time to each of these tasks. This not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, but also helps you stay on track.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Reset:

Don’t jump from one task to another without taking a break. The average attention span of a healthy adult ranges anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Give yourself some time to relax before you begin to concentrate and start focusing on another task. Without a break, your mind may wander off. And before you know, you could be staring at a pile of unfinished tasks. Try taking a quick nap, or walk around the block to give yourself a break between projects.

Catch Up At The End Of The Day:

Set aside time at the end of the day to sit down and think about the remaining tasks that ought to be done. It could be something as simple as preparing the last three slides for your presentation, or something as mundane as replying to a professor’s email.

Be More Mature:

You need to behave like someone who wants to reach to the next level of consciousness in your life. When things are chaotic, be someone who would stand strong and purposely decide to deal with all the chaos from a good place. Be someone who meets the demands of the time. Become a role model for people around you.

You have to choose the energy that you feel and bring into every moment. The more you learn to deal with complications positively, the more you become successful.

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