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Because of the pandemic, almost every university in the U.S. has gone 100% virtual, delivering classes online to a wide range of students. Although e-learning is not a new phenomenon, the degree of usage has increased recently, paving the way for a new era in the education sector. Is e-learning the way forward for colleges and universities? Let’s find out if educational institutions have adapted to the new world of online learning.

Positive Outcomes

Online classes provide students and professors with flexibility, as learning and teaching can both be done from the comfort of one’s home. Additionally, many universities claim that student attendance is higher in online courses, and this is a stark difference from in-person classes that are known for having low attendance. High attendance can also be linked to COVID-19, in that students don’t want to leave their homes; and with nothing to do, even online classes seem fun.

Additionally, a recent report found that online students are more likely to pay attention when compared to their traditional learning counterparts. Online students interact more with professors, as many students don’t get shy when communicating through a screen. Moreover, creative presentations and lectures that incorporate technological aspects are known to keep students engaged in virtual classrooms.

Several universities have also restructured their fees, so students don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on courses that are strictly virtual.

E-learning is also good for professors as they can easily track student performance and utilize management systems to keep track of student grades, assignment deadlines, exam dates, attendance counts, etc. Furthermore, instructors can customize online platform features so monitoring student progress is simple and effective.

Blended learning may become the future of university education, as it combines digital technology with traditional classroom elements to create a truly worthwhile learning experience. Students and professors can enjoy stress-free experiences while helping each other reach academic goals and success.


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Although online learning is transforming the education sector, there are a few challenges that must be noted. Initially, when education went fully virtual, it was time consuming for professors to design and deliver online lectures. Many didn’t understand learning management tools either, and now these are user-friendly and widely available. Universities had to offer special trainings to teachers so they could adapt to the new online learning environment.

While theoretical classes can be easily taken online, students will need to visit campuses if they’re pursuing lab-based classes.

But if students aren’t engaged with their classes, they’ll quickly fall behind. In such instances, many reach out to tutors and ask: “Can you take my online class?” There are plenty of services out there these days providing solid academic help.

But one must know that fake online tutors easily cheat students by delivering plagiarized content, and you can put your academic future at risk if you’re not careful. Those looking for online class help should first check out online class sites reviews before hiring a “take my online class tutor”.


Since the pandemic isn’t letting up anytime soon, universities have had to switch to online learning so they can still provide educational services. Despite the challenges, many have embraced the new teaching methods and processes that are associated with online learning.