How To Study Effectively

Learning can be boring sometimes. To make your learning less stressful and more effective, the following tips will help you bring back the joy of learning.

1. Listen to music

Play an audio without lyrics in the background. It may help you focus.

2. Convert your notes to music

If you enjoy studying by hearing music, there is a secret trick to take your learning to the next level. i.e., if you are struggling to remember dates, facts, or figures, try setting them to music. Pick a tune and substitute the lyrics. It is easy to recall the tune during exam time.

3. Use flashcards

Flashcards are really helpful during revision time. Start using flashcards early. Write down the topic into few words. Use colorful flashcards to memorize the information. Add colorful pictures to illustrate the topic. Your memory power certainly gets a boost with visual cued.

4. Create posters

It helps you learn difficult concepts easily. Summarize the concepts on posters in written (or art) form. For example, if you are learning about photosynthesis, design a poster demonstrating how the process work. Complete it with colorful diagrams and drawings. Hang the poster in your study room so that you will gradually absorb the information without realizing.

5. Make mnemonics

If it is difficult for you to remember things, translate it into a form that’s easy to remember. For example, many people use the mnemonic “FANBOYS” to remember the 7 conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). This technique helps you memorize troublesome facts that won’t stick in your head.

6. Reward yourself

It makes studying more enjoyable as well as motivating. Whenever you have accomplished a task, gift yourself by eating your favorite chocolate, going for a movie, meeting up with a friend, or anything else that will help you relax.

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