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Group discussions are an integral part of online courses, and therefore effective preparation has to be done for a student to do well in these. Students generally say that post-graduate online discussions are more lengthy and overwhelming when compared to undergraduate courses. Unlike interactive group discussions, where individuals are sitting in front of each other and sharing ideas, in online group discussions students are expected to type in their answers and/or viewpoints in a forum-type setup. This system can get a little overwhelming for first-timers, but if you happen to be one, these tips can help you play an active role in discussion boards. You’ll be able to present your viewpoint effortlessly and gain lasting knowledge about topics that are discussed.

Be an Active Participant

Post brief responses to classmates as this will expand your understanding of the topic and present your perspective in an intellectual manner; remember to be polite. Ask relevant questions and seek peer advice by gently requesting answers. During the discussions, make efforts to check out and highlight interesting points from posts of other classmates; next, write down your own thoughts about these posts. Instead of giving cryptic answers like “I agree” or “Insightful”, state the rationale for your comments with specific, compelling information.

Writing Relatable Posts

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After you gain a thorough understanding of the topic being discussed, develop a thesis for it, along with a supporting argument, and explore ways in which others can support or oppose your ideas. Write these down so you can counter them if a classmate opposes you. You could also use these points as questions to contradict others’ ideas during the discussion. Remember to have supporting references for your thesis; without these, it may be difficult to refute classmates who call your arguments into question.

Use Relevant Keywords

As online discussions can get a little chaotic, especially when several students are putting in their posts at once, you have to think of innovative ways to make your posts stand out and attract the attention of peers and tutors. The best way to do this is to have post titles that clearly summarize the content in crisply worded statements. The titles can be short summaries of your opinions, for example.

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