Nail Your Next Interview

There are a number of ways graduates can prepare for interviews to ensure they succeed. We share a few tips to help you impress hiring managers and earn your first job:


You can practice for interviews by attending career fairs held for new graduates. You can also do mock interviews. It might seem like acting but it can be very helpful. When you practice, dress professionally and choose appropriate attire – make yourself believe that you are successful before you even walk in the door.

Be Engaging

Be friendly and engaged with each person that interviews you. If you arrive early, make sure you have a strong appearance in the waiting room so when they come out to meet you, they take you seriously.

Ask Questions

Ask questions so they know you’re actually curious about the job. Ask interviewers about opportunities to move up in the company and also ask about career guidance. Companies like positive employees. They want to know you’re eager to learn new things.

Do Your Research

Research the company before you walk into the office. This shows a level of preparation and dedication that anyone wants in an employee. The right research can set you apart. Don’t only look up the obvious information like their history and mission statement, but insider information as well, and things available in the press.

Bring a Notebook

Bring a notebook and a pen to the interview with you. Doing this will allow you to come prepared with some pre-written notes about the company’s history or any questions that you might have. Make a couple of copies of your resume and don’t forget to show them your portfolio.

Send Thank You Notes

Send thank you notes or thank you emails within 24 hours of your interview. Send it to the people you interacted with at the company. You can also try hiring online tutors to write a stellar thank you note to impress HR. But make sure to read online class reviews before hiring one of these services to help.

Follow Dress Code

Wear formal business attire. Make sure that you’re dressed for success in the situation.

Prepare for Behavioral Questions

You will be asked about previous work experiences that demonstrate how you handled high-pressure situations. The best ways to manage with these questions is to look at examples beforehand and think of stories from your past working life that would apply. These are some of the top tips to help you ace your next interview. Make sure to do as much as you can to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.