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Hiring a tutor for online class help is as easy as a click of a mouse. There are hundreds of websites offering to complete your homework, write essays for you, and take tests on your behalf. Their services are valued by students who are struggling to manage their work and studies simultaneously. An online class help tutor is a perfect choice for students who’re new to the country, especially when English is not their first language. These tutors can help students manage citations or edit content for grammar and sentence construction mistakes.

But not all of them are made alike; while some are genuine, there are several others who make money by fleecing gullible students. They promise to complete assignments on time, only to disappear on the day they’re supposed to turn in the homework. And some end up doing shoddy work. If you are planning to hire a tutor, remember to read our reviews before you do:

Some online class help websites are based outside the US:

Some websites hire tutors based outside the US. Students often have a tough time explaining their assignments. Language can be a huge barrier for tutors and students; the tutor may not understand the instructions clearly, or students may have a tough time understanding the tutor’s accent. We can help you hire online class help tutors based in the US. We suggest that you look for tutors who have graduated from prestigious American universities. They understand American academia better and can help you earn good grades.

Some websites are notorious for blackmailing their clients:

There are far too many horror stories about online class help websites blackmailing their clients and threatening to reveal their identity to the college. But genuine service providers do not save the client’s information. You will have to sign up afresh every time you want them to do your homework. We suggest you use pseudo email id while signing up for an online course.

Some service providers do not fulfill their promises:

Some websites promise to earn an A for all assignments. This promise is hardly ever fulfilled. Reading testimonials from past clients prevents students from losing their hard earned money.