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Online learning is gaining popularity. So too are online tutors offering to complete students’ homework. But how can you tell if the tutors are legit or not?

It used to be that students cheated on homework and tests by writing on their hand or peeking at someone else’s paper. In the age of online learning, though, cheating usually comes in the form of someone else doing your work for you. Lots of online tutors today are offering to complete homework and tests for guaranteed grades, which is appealing for online students struggling through their classes. The best way to filter the bad tutors from the good ones is by reading reviews.

Why are reviews important?

Feedback will tell you if the tutor you’re considering is a scam artist or a real helper. Did you know that a lot of the online helpers out there are based overseas, where there’s no legal recourse if they fail your classes? That’s why it’s important to read real reviews from students who have used these tutors.

Benefits of genuine online class help reviews

It helps a student find a reliable service so that they can...

- Feel like that they are in safe hands

- Focus on their jobs

They don't have to be...

- Afraid of being cheated

- Worry about their grades and degree.

When and how to write a review?

It's easy to write a review

After assigning your course to tutors:

Think before you write. Your answers should be based on the following questions:

- Did they respond well to your questions?

- Did they up charge you after the original quote?

- Did they promise to protect your personal identity?

- Did they promise to earn guaranteed results?

- Did they promise to write plagiarism free essays, homework assignments, and research papers?

- Did they promise to take your entire class including quizzes and discussion posts?

Writing reviews is a great way to help future students avoid being scammed.

After earning a degree:

This is the best time to write about your experience with your online tutors.

Consider the following questions:

- Did they keep their promises?

- Are you satisfied with their service?

- Would you recommend them to your friends?

- How many stars would you give them?

If your review answers all these questions, it helps others to sort out the good tutors from the bad.

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Can I pay someone to take my online class? Yes, but read reviews before you pay…