Complete Homework On Time

Video games can be addictive – before you know, you could end up missing homework and other assignments. Do you find yourself in that area where video games have become a significant distraction, and it has become increasingly difficult to get work done? Here are five tips to help you find balance:

Tip#1 – Remove Games From Your Study Area:

Create an environment that focuses only on studies; environmental cues and the context of a situation largely defines our behavior. A change in environment can really help you earn good grades. The temptation to play games in a coffee shop or library is probably going to be a lot less than the temptation to play games in your living area.

Tip #2 – Increase The Friction Required To Start Gaming:

The idea here is to increase the difficulty and the number of steps involved in getting into a distracting activity and making academic work a more attractive option. One way you can do this is by actually creating a different account on your computer for work and only installing the programs you need for work on that system. Set up extensions like Stay Focused and Focal Filter to reduce the amount of distracting web browsing which you may do while at work.

Tip #3 – Play Games After Completing Your Work:

Play after you’ve worked for that day. Use gaming as a reward or motivator to get your work done more efficiently.

Tip #4 – Play Games Based On Your Time Schedules:

The fourth tip is to play games that work well with your schedule. If you’re really busy and have a lot to study, then it might not be a good idea to indulge in a long gaming session. Be mindful of real world commitments and select your games accordingly.

Tip #5 – Turn Life Into A Game:

Play games that help you improve focus and time management skills. For example, habit tracker apps like Fitocracy and Habit RPG help people keep track of their habits by playing a real game to improve their life. Hopefully, these habits should help you manage time and control time spent on gaming. But if you need help with urgent assignments and tests, hire a tutor to manage discussion boards, assignments, and tests. But hold on! Before you plan to hire one, its good to read our online class reviews to find a trustworthy service. We offer genuine reviews, client testimonials, and grade leading online providers. We can help you pick the right tutor, saving your time and money.