Studying Fun

Studying can sometimes feel like the biggest chore on the planet – something that even the mighty Hercules might shrug off and walk away from. Whether you have to complete a 10-page essay or read a whole textbook by tonight, or you've got an exam coming up, we've put together a list of the best tips and tricks to help you get the maximum value out of your study session, while still keeping it fun and engaging.

Pump Up The Music

Listening to soothing music can help you get into a flow while learning. Avoid songs with distracting lyrics that can cause your mind to wander. If you don't find music too distracting, you can fire up your Spotify list in the background. Slow jazz, instrumental or classical music are the best choices to give you company while studying. Some students even report that listening to music during study time helps them stay focused for a long while.

Use Colorful Stationery

Are you a stationery person? Do you drool at the kawaii Japanese stationery videos online? If yes, it's time to treat yourself to a fancy notebook and cute little pens. Writing using a fancy fountain pen on a crisp new notebook can make you enjoy the study session without feeling bored. Using pretty stationery can help you slow down and focus more on what you're writing, allowing the information to sink in better. Use sticky notes, stickers and colorful pens to make your notes attractive so that you're more likely to read them.

Change The Scene

Studying can sometimes feel tedious because it can make you feel cooped up indoors. A change of scenery might motivate you to do better. Take your books, notes and laptop outside, especially in summer, to enjoy the glorious weather. Find a shady spot in your neighborhood park or garden and settle down to study. Being outdoors can make the process feel less stressful and help you concentrate on your learning.

Get Comfortable

Get Comfortable

If you’re physically uncomfortable, your mind is less likely to focus during your study sessions. Here are a few things to get comfortable during study hours:

  • Wear your favorite pajamas – Avoid tight clothing as it can make you feel restricted.
  • Have healthy snacks at hand – Studying requires brain power. Keep healthy snacks like yogurt, fruit, almond, or energy bars to munch on while studying. Avoid candy, chips and other sugar/salt-loaded snacks as they can make you feel tired.
  • Ensure proper lighting and ventilation – Fresh air and ample lighting can boost your serotonin levels, helping you stay focused.
  • Sit comfortably – Keep your back straight and legs down on the floor and avoid slouching.

Mix It Up With Other Activities

If you're still struggling to enjoy your study sessions despite all the above strategies, we've got one more trick for you – mix up studying with something that you enjoy doing. For example, you can reward yourself with one episode of your favorite TV show once you complete a particular topic or homework assignment. Keep your breaks short and get back to studying, as longer intervals can break the momentum (no pun intended).

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