5 Tips To Write An Excellent Essay

Essay writing is an important part of the online learning experience. Writing a great essay will demonstrate that you can think critically and get creative. Also, a good essay will show that you can adequately defend a position. Here are five things you can do to write an excellent essay.

1. Understand The Topic First

Your essay should be to the point, as you don’t want the reader to get confused. Before you begin writing, know which perspective the essay requires: first-person, third-person, etc. Once you know what needs to be written, the next step is putting words to paper.

2. Structure Your Essay

A lot of thoughts may run through your head when you start writing the essay. Make note of all these thoughts on a separate page. Now using this page, carefully determine the structure of your essay. Keep in mind that the introduction and conclusion paragraphs are two of the most important, so a lot of good content should be included in both. Separate positions using paragraphs and subheadings, and use simple sentences to communicate your views effectively.

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3. Figure Out Your Point Of View

A topic can be approached in an innumerable number of ways, so once you have your approach, stick to it. Don’t stray from your approach, as doing so can confuse the reader! Collect supporting perspectives and present these neatly. Your essay should show that you confidently know about the topic. If you don’t know the topic well, the essay will convey this.

4. Your Writing Should Be Crisp And Grammatically Correct

Even if you have a lot of good information, you can’t include it all. Your essay should support your point of view, and there’s no room for unnecessary words. Keep your sentences crisp to ensure they are grammatically correct. Use online tools if you struggle with vocabulary and/or grammar. Make sure that your sentences are complete, as complete sentences are easy to follow.

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5. Cite Sources And Links

When you include quotes, these need to be properly cited. If your school has general writing guidelines, follow these closely. And if you have taken data and information from webpages and other sources, you need to cite these properly. Including a lot of good references can add authenticity to your essay. Make sure a source is credible and totally worth including before you do so.

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