5 Simple Ways To Stop Wasting Time & Get More Out Of Your Day

"Let me take a quick, ten-minute break before I begin to study." And, that, my friends, is how it starts. A couple of hours later, you're still mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, Insta, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora or Reddit. A short ten-minute break becomes, “Oh shit! I’ve wasted two hours, and there’s no way to turn in my assignment or essay before the deadline! What do I do now?” Take a deep breath and do not panic. If you’re looking to turn in your homework quickly, the best option is to take help from online class takers. Homework helpers are subject experts who complete your essays, assignments, papers or other school work on your behalf. Check out online class site reviews to find the best homework helper who can help you with your last-minute assignments. The best part – you're guaranteed a plagiarism-free, high-quality essay or article within a few hours. Phew! Bullet dodged! With that out of the way, let's look at the best tips to prevent you from falling down the mindless scrolling rabbit hole the next time you have a deadline. In this article, we share a few tried-and-tested tips that help you eliminate the temptation of wasting your time.

The 5 Best Ways To Stop Wasting Time & Get More Productive

1. Turn On “Do Not Disturb” On Your Phone

If you implement only one tip from this list, it has to be this one. Let's agree – our smartphones are the number one source of distraction. Whether you love to check out social media or exchange texts with your friends, reaching for the phone is akin to getting a shot of dopamine. It makes you feel good at the moment. The problem is that it's a huge distractor. Once you begin checking your device, it's incredibly challenging to bring back your attention to your studies. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” during your study hours. Turn off all notifications except for emergency calls from parents or siblings. This one change is sure to prevent you from wasting cartloads of time.

2. Use Websites Instead Of Apps

Let's agree that mobile apps are highly convenient. Whether you use apps to browse social media or check your bank account, they are effortless and user-friendly. On the downside, the ease of use makes apps get you addicted to your smartphone. The alternative is to use sites instead of mobile apps. For example, head to www.instagram.com instead of tapping the app. Using the website takes extra effort and most of these sites aren’t as user-friendly as their apps. So, you’re likely to close them quickly, unlike the hours you spend scrolling through your social media feed on your mobile.

3. Practice Time Blocking

Time blocking adds structure to your routine and helps you stay focused. For example, allocate one hour of your day to review class notes, one hour to complete homework assignments, 30 minutes for checking and responding to emails and so on. Using timeslots helps you stay focused instead of drifting from one task to another.

4. Log Out Of Frequently Used Sites

Today's social networks are incredibly sophisticated. They are designed to make you spend more time on their platform. The algorithms know precisely what you like and dislike. So, as soon as you open the app/site, it customizes your feed with what you want. It's like being served your favorite dish every time you open the refrigerator – the temptation is immense. You can avoid this by checking out your social media pages every time. The added step of entering your login ID and password is an extra effort that helps you overcome the temptation to browse mindlessly.

5. Start Now – Don't Wait For The Exact Hour To Begin Studying

We habitually delay studying until a specific time – say 6.00 pm or 10.30 am. When you do this, you waste ten or fifteen minutes till the clock strikes your starting time. Think of all those tiny blocks of time you waste until you reach the round hour. The first best time to study was in the past. The next best time is now. So, don't delay and settle down to learn, irrespective of the numbers on the clock.

You Have Limited Time: Use It Carefully

You might be wasting time even without realizing it. Use these tips to spend less time on social media and other mindless activities and get back to doing things that matter to you.