Focus While Studying

How many times have you given up studying in frustration only because you cannot get yourself to focus? And how many times have you set yourself to complete an assignment only to waste time chatting online with a friend? Here’s how to focus and avoid distractions:

Develop interest in the subject:

Textbooks are developed to deliver ideas in a constructive way; from beginning to end, they are very clear on the information to be delivered. But storybooks are designed to help us engage with the story. And that is why we’re more interested in reading story books than textbooks. Buy textbooks that help you develop an interest in the subject. Watch video lectures on YouTube or watch animations to help you develop a liking for learning.

Manage distractions:

Understand the reasons for distractions. It could be a place, it could be a person, or it could be something else. Designate a comfortable place for studies; but not too comfortable enough to put you to sleep. Put your cell phone away; it’s probably the biggest factor that prevents you from studying. Use the phone as a reward after you have completed a designated task.

Set a routine:

A routine makes learning easy. Choose a time of the day for studies. This way you don’t have to push yourself to focus; learning happens automatically and effortlessly. Take fragmented breaks – allow your mind to switch between the focused and relaxed mode.

Make stress your friend:

Stress needn’t be a bad thing when you realize how it works. For example, if your heart is pounding before a test, remind yourself that this is your body’s way to help you rise to the occasion. Train your mind to accept these factors; over time your body will condition itself to panic less.

And if none of these techniques work, we suggest you hire an online class help tutor! But before you ask someone, ‘can you take my online class?’, read our reviews!