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For all its benefits, online learning can also be an isolating experience for students. This is especially true for asynchronous courses because there’s no opportunity for real-time conversations. The instructor posts an announcement about a discussion topic, or shares video lectures, and students access this information when they find the time to do so. This back and forth discussion could alienate students.

If you’re looking to make the most of your online course, regular interaction with the instructor is absolutely essential. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Meet Them During The Office Hours:

Most online courses have set office hours. You can meet instructors virtually once every week, or by appointment. Some instructors prefer to interact via Skype, Google Hangouts, or other conferencing tools. Video chat, texting, voice mails, etc. are often used to communicate with instructors. You can use this opportunity to ask questions, clarify doubts about assignments, and develop a positive relationship with instructors.

2. Synchronous Online Meetings

Instructors often arrange synchronous online meetings with students and instructors. Issues discussed in these meetings are meant to be used for online discussions and group projects. You can interact with fellow students and the instructor to ensure a productive learning experience. But instructors often set up ground rules for the meeting. For example, text language must be avoided, and students must be careful enough to read everyone’s comments before making your point.

3. Use Social Media

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Online students can interact with their instructors on social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. But remember to keep the tone formal and to the point.

4. Sign Up To The Online Course’s Educational Portal:

Connect with instructors and peers, through emails, the university’s learning management system, or its online forum discussion boards. In fact, this is likely to be the most common and the most formal means of communication. It is also the most reliable. When communicating with instructors, make sure the message is clear and the tone respectful. Do not use text language or emoticons. If, for some reason, you cannot communicate with the instructor, or are unable to complete an assignment on time, hire class help online! Online class takers complete assignments and homework on time and help students earn good grades. If you do not want your money to go down the drain, visit us to read about online class cheat reviews.