Avoid Procrastination & Get Things Done

While millions of students sign up for an online course, only a few thousand manage to complete them successfully. Why do so many students drop out? Some lose motivation, and others lose interest. All of this, though, boils down to one fact – they cannot keep up with the continuous barrage of assignments, tests, and homework and end up missing deadlines. If you are on the verge of losing your wits and are planning to quit your online course, here are a few things to help you:

Get rid of distractions:

While gadgets have made our life easier, they have also contributed to our stress levels. From social media to private messaging and YouTubing, countless distractions stop us from focusing on the task at hand. Before you sit down to work, make sure you’ve eliminated all distractions, i.e., you’ve switched off your phone, logged off social media, and cleared all clutter from your desk.

Find what works for you:

People use different techniques to understand and learn things. While some use the mind map technique, others prefer listening to audio lessons. To know what technique suits you, find what type of a learner you are – do you remember things when presented visually? Or do you find it easier to read aloud?

Set a deadline:

Deadlines are important to ensure that we achieve our goals. Whether you are looking to complete a project or write an essay, set yourself a realistic deadline. This forces you to think about what it will take to work towards your goal and pushes your mind to set things in motion. Remember to create consequences and rewards for these goals to ensure accountability. If none of these tips work, we suggest hiring a tutor. Paying someone to take an online class is much better than quitting a course midway. But before you do so, remember to read our online class reviews!