Online Learning Isn’t For You

Online learning has come a long way from the time it was introduced a decade ago. The low quality and cheap courses that were common a few years ago are now a thing of the past. Several million students in America sign up enthusiastically for an online course. Yet, they give up on their dreams and quit the course midway. This is probably because of their unrealistic expectations about the course. If you are planning to sign up for an online course, we list out three things that you should know to make sure the platform is right for you:

You need to be reminded of deadlines and other tasks:

Online learning is student driven, i.e., you do not have an instructor standing over you reminding about the assignment that you have to submit tomorrow, or a test that’s due in a week. Students have to take onus of their studies and remind themselves of these updates. If you have to continually reminded of things by people around you, perhaps you aren’t ready yet for online learning. You have to decide when to do your homework and how you’ll get it done. And most importantly, you cannot offer excuses about missing deadlines because the consequences are non –negotiable. When you don’t submit assignments on time, you’ll lose grades.

You always jump from one deadline to another:

Time management is a key skill for online learning. You have to come up with ways to squeeze in time for homework whenever possible. This could include watching a video lecture while traveling to and from work, taking a quiz during lunch break, looking for references while waiting in a queue. Students need to make time for online classes whenever they can and make a plan to complete assignments.

You are hesitant to seek help:

Online learning is largely a collaborative effort. You will have to work with fellow students for group projects and interact with instructors on a regular basis. Not seeking help can come in the way of the learning process and even affect your grades. Similarly, asking a tutor’ can you take my online class for me, isn’t really a wrong thing to do. When you have a ton of homework to, hiring a tutor is the most sensible thing to do! But before you hire them, remember to read our reviews! What are the things that you can think of? Share your thoughts!