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Online Class Tutors is a US based website offering online academic assistance. They offer to help with exams, essays, homework and MyMathLab. The website info claims to hire around 420 employees from ‘around the world’. This could mean that you cannot be guaranteed of help from a native English speaker based in the US. And that’s bad news, because you may end up trying to unsuccessfully explain the assignment, or waste time editing the homework for grammar errors.

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Online Class Tutors Reviews

Are you tired sitting up late every night to complete assignments and preparing for tests? Would you prefer to stop worrying about your online course tasks and take charge of your much neglected life? It’s probably time to hire an online class help tutor to manage your homework for you! Yes, you can now hire an expert to complete all your assignments, write essays, and even take tests on your behalf. But not all service providers are alike. Online Class Cheat Reviews helps to pick out the rotten apples from the bunch. We’ve reviewed almost every online class help service provider from the US (or at least claiming to be from the US).

Online Class Tutors offers to complete homework assignments, essays, and tests for online students. Student reviews about the website aren’t positive. Users are particularly peeved about the tutors- some are based outside the US. We called Online Class Tutors, posing as students looking for help with an assignment. It was within their business hours, but there was no response. We left a message, but we’re yet to get a reply.

Planning to hire Online Class Tutors? Read our reviews before you do so!


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John P

(December 30, 2017)

I would not recommend this website to anyone. I’m not happy with my grades. Not professional at all! I was really disappointed.

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Aileen J

(November 10, 2017)

Please don’t hire them to manage your homework assignments. Worst service. I wasted my money paying for plagiarized content. Fake promises! Please don’t waste your valuable time

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Edgar C

(October 30, 2017)

Online Class Tutors promised to complete my English essay before the due date. But they didn’t. All their promises are fake – don’t waste your money!

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(September 18, 2017)

I contacted them for an English essay. Paid the money in advance, but homework was shoddy. It was plagiarized and not cited properly. Do not waste your money hiring them.

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Jenifa R

(July 13, 2017)

I will not use this service again. These guys promised an A for me but didn’t submit the assignment on time. I earned a C. This wasn’t a pleasant experience at all!

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Evelin S

(June 27, 2017)

I hired Online Class Tutors to take my online physics class. They guaranteed an A, but I ended up getting D! I’m very disappointed. Don’t trust this site.

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Brian T

Awfully Late (June 12, 2017)

I was running late on an essay assignment and called up Online Class Tutors. I had specifically asked them if they could manage before the deadline. The customer service girl (not an American, I guess from her accent) assured me more than once. They didn’t complete it on time. But what’s worse; they refused a refund citing a flimsy excuse. Thank God, I managed to buy some time from the instructor. As for Online Class Tutors, it’s bye forever!

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Jennifer. D

(May 26, 2017)

They completed the assignment on time, but it took 3 phone calls and several emails to get a reply from them. Don’t believe a word that they say about 24x7 customer service!

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Laurence. S

Won’t Complete On Time! (March 15, 2017)

Are these guys even based in the US? Absolutely unprofessional. I ordered help for an essay. They asked twice for time extension. The tutors won’t complete your order on time!

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Plagiarized Essays (December 1, 2016)

I signed up with for essay help. I was disappointed to see the result. They wrote a plagiarized essay with grammar errors. I got an F. I wasted my hard-earned money on scammers. Don’t hire them