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No Need To Study was founded in 2011 and is based in the US. The company offers to help online students with course assignments including tests, discussion boards, and essays. Students in need of urgent assignments can order pre-written essays

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No Need To Study Reviews

‘Can you help me with my homework?’ Do your friends dread when you call them requesting homework help, because you never ever seem to find the time to complete assignments on time? We’ve now got the perfect solution for you! We’ll list out online class help service providers for you, along with user reviews and testimonials. Don’t play Russian roulette with your grades- choose one that’s worthy of your money!

No Need To Study claims to be the number 1 online service provider. Tall claim, considering the reviews we’ve received from students. Not much on the customer support aspect. Posing as students, we had called up the No Need To Study customer support, to enquire about an Algebra test that we wanted taken. The phone number given on the website is actually a Google voice number- we left a message with details about the help required. Unfortunately, there was no response. Some of our users do not seem to be enthusiastic about their promise on grades as well.

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Bryan S

(December 30, 2017)

I hired No Need To Study to complete my homework assignments. Quality was bad. The essay wasn’t appropriately referenced. I’m very disappointed.

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Divine S

(November 1, 2017)

Worst service you could ever imagine. Please stay away from these scammers!

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Enrich C

(October 31, 2017)

I hired No Need To Study to complete my economics homework. They guaranteed an A for me. But all I got was a D! They didn’t refund my money. A total scam!

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(September 15, 2017)

I hired this service for my math homework. They promised to complete it on time but failed to turn in the assignment on time. A refund was promised, but it’s taking forever.

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(July 14, 2017)

I would not recommend this to anyone. The tutors were unhelpful. This was a complete waste of my money and time. I was really disappointed.

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Eliza P

(June 29, 2017)

They guaranteed an A or B, but I failed. Don’t waste your money on them. There are fake testimonials from fake people.

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Bryan B.

Appalling Customer Service (June 8, 2017)

They’re not as professionals as they advertise themselves. These guys won’t refund me for an essay that was full of spelling and grammar error. The customer service staff was rude and kept cutting me off midsentence, and refused to apologize for the same

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Sophia. T

(May 26, 2017)

Don’t waste your money on these guys! They promise something and deliver exactly the opposite! Plus, the lady on the phone was so rude!

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Lian. H

DON’T HIRE THEM!! (March 15, 2017)

My experience with No Need To Study hasn’t been good. They promise the moon and stars but don’t live up to them. The customer service is ridiculous. Save your money guys! Hire people who do what they say and not otherwise

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Bad Customer Service (December 1, 2016)

I contacted to take my online science class. The representative was so rude. He didn’t listen to me at all. I just hung up the phone. Worst customer service ever.