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Course Help 911 is a US based website that offers online academic assistance. They offer to help online students with their course tasks, viz. tests, homework assignments, discussion boards, essays, and quiz. You can hire them to help you with one or all your assignments.

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Course Help 911 Reviews

Online Class help services are perfect for students who have joined an online program, but struggling to keep pace with the schedule. They offer to do all your homework for you and even earn awesome grades. While many promise the sky, very few manage to deliver. There are plenty of stories about gullible students being fleeced. Some of these service providers aren’t even based in the US- they’re located in some remote country and managed by non native English speakers. Before you spend your money hiring a tutor, we suggest you read through our reviews.

Course Help 911 offers online class help to students struggling to manage their course tasks. They promise to earn good grades and complete assignments on time. Student review for the website is fairly positive. We tried calling Course Help 911 posing as a student to enquire about their services. But there was nobody to answer the call. Surprisingly, we received a call back in less than 5 minutes. The staff was very attentive and answered all queries diligently and came up with a quote immediately.

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Eva A

(June 27, 2017)

Course Help 911 tutors helped me manage my math and physics assignments when I was busy with work. Thanks guys!

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Christopher S.

Biomedical Informatics (June 16, 2017)

I’ve hired Course Help guys to write an essay in the past. They were good – thorough professionals. I’ve even recommended them to a friend.

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Shania F.

I Earned An A (June 7, 2017)

Thanks to CourseHelp911, I earned an A for the Economics long assignment. The essay was excellent and properly referenced. Their customer rep was attentive and polite when answering questions. They even gave me a referral discount.

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Saira. K

(May 26, 2017)

I have hired CourseHelp911 tutors more than once. They have helped me complete assignments, tests, and discussion boards. I earned good grades. Thanks!

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Sarah. P

(May 26, 2017)

I have hired CourseHelp911 in the past and was happy with the experience. The customer service person was very polite and put me through to the tutor immediately. I had no problem explaining my assignment. I earned an A, thanks to them.

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Cindy. M

I Survived Online Class Thanks To CourseHelp911! (March 15, 2017)

Believe me guys, this is no exaggeration. I signed up for an online course enthusiastically. But it’s not easy – studying while working fulltime and keeping up social commitments. CourseHelp911 took some of the burden off my shoulder. They did what I had hired them for and complete professionals.

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Taylor. N

Thank You CourseHelp911 (March 15, 2017)

I’ve signed up an online Nutrition course that’s interesting, but rigorous. Sometimes, when I’m too tired or stressed to complete homework, I call up CourseHelp911. So far, the experience has been good. They’ve done what they’ve promised and more. Thanks!

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Awesome Result – I Got A+ (December 1, 2016)

I was about to go for a vacation with my friends. With no other option, I handed over my online statistics class to I was surprised to see the result. I got an A+. Thank you so much. I’m gonna hire you the next time too.

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I Earned A Degree Without Studying (December 1, 2016)

I was hospitalized and was advised bed rest for 3 weeks. I was worried about my career and my online History class. I didn’t know what to do. Left with no other option, I contacted They took my entire course and completed all the weekly discussion boards and homework assignments. I got an A. Thank you!

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Sara Michelle

(November 25, 2016)

I am enrolled in an online English program and I found myself struggling to write proper research papers, probably because I don’t understand citations very well. Course 911 understood my problem and now they’re writing papers for me that are so good I met graduate at the top of class. Woohoo!